This moment is the begining of how you shape the next 38 days....

Words similar to this were said to the cadre as they anxioiusly awaited the first bus of basics for the footprints. These some cadre came into a very different basic in 2020 with masks and much larger spacing on the iconic footprints outside of Vandenburg Hall across from iconic statues of Lance Sijan, Karl Richter and Val Borque. The cadre were in top form a sight to see! 

Basics rushed off the bus to the yellow prints to stand for corrections from the cadre before they were told to head up the honor ramp. There's just something special about a June day at the bottom of that ramp that makes you wonder where they'll be at the same point in their lives as their legacy class. Will they be Generals? Lawyers? Doctors? Business Moguls? Their future is endless but for now they're worried about making sure they say the right things to the cadre. 






For Footprint photos you want to go Class Galleries 2027, Inprocessing sort Oldest to Newest page 147-268 or click here!  Note: we did have multiple photographers catching different angles at the Footprints making a few photos look like duplicates when there are differences in the photos.