Clothing Issue Hellcats

All squadrons will being going through Uniform Issue throughout BCT 1 where they will receive essentials for uniforms they'll wear in the future.  It was Hellcats  turn today.

 Even though this may not be the most interesting part of BCT, it is a valuable one and a well fitting uniform will be greatly appreciated in the years to come.

 Cadet Clothing Issue is where all Basic Cadets get various uniforms issued as well as their green duffel bag. And after Basic Training they will receive the traditional blue trunk. Guts was issued such items as the Blues Uniform shirts, white gloves,  winter jacket, and the various hats they wear with each uniform.

 Each Basic Cadet went to various stations to get measured, try on blues shirts, gloves, and hats to determine the correct size. While trying on their blues shirts they were asked to salute to check for shoulder comfort and easy of movement.

 When trying on the hats, they put two fingers width above the brow to determine where the hat should fit on their head for correct size.  There are Cadre there to help them find the correct size-no one wants an incorrect fitting hat for four years!



To view photos from Clothing Issue, go to CLASSES > 2025 > BCT-1. Select your squadron.  At the top of the page, make sure your Sort Photos is set  OLDEST to NEWEST.   Select your start page. Or you can click the link below.