Honor Guard Team

The Honor Guard Team shared pictures with us from the Pioneer Day Parade in Florence, Colorado that they were a part of recently. Below is some history on this Parade.

“If the true footprint of Manassa’s influence and reach can only be measured by looking to its generations of families, then the Manassa Pioneer Days Celebration—when the population swells to a clean 10,000—is the time to do it. Just like the old-days of summer when mothers would call their children in from the fields for dinner, Manassa’s kin descend on the town from far and wide for the three-day celebration of history, legacy, and family.

The Pioneer Days Celebration started with its namesake—the pioneers.

From Spanish explorers in the late 1500s, to Mormon pioneers in the 1800s, Manassa’s settlement history rings true to the Southwestern spirit of intellectual innovation, spiritual perseverance, and the ceaselessly American trait of discovery.

Now in its 135th year, the celebration packs the town chock-full of carnival rides, fair food, old timey bandstands, Miss Pioneer princesses, and the event’s crown jewel, the parade—a parade so stuffed with entertainment, it runs up and down mainstreet twice!”
                                                - “The Celebration” 2017 (


Big shout out again to C3C Frankie Austin of the Honor Guard Team for graciously sharing these pictures with us!


We also caught up with the Honor Guard Team yesterday afternoon, not only catching a glimpse of the 4 Degrees and a video of one of the things they were being taught during their practice but also getting group photos.


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