Meet your WebTeam!

After the last blog we promised to do a lighter hearted one.  Here it is! Once upon a time everyone had WebNames. We had the founder WebGuy and after that everyone took names from WebMule to WebRebel to WebbingtonBear to WebHatter and everywhere in-between. A few years ago WebGuy (now the President and CEO of the Association of Graduates) handed the reins off to WebGuy2.0 (who we’re sure many of you are familiar with. He’s the face of the program and goes out and speaks at Parents Clubs and Appointee Send-offs). Now there’s a whole team behind the scenes, especially during the summer months. The WebNames may have faded into WebGuy lore but we still want you to know the team, that is why we are doing this blog so you can get to know a little bit about the awesome group of people who are spending their summer following your Basics around so you can catch a glimpse of their lives.

For anonymity sake we’ll use first initials as we talk about the team, (a lot us love our jobs and WebGuy but prefer to be part of the behind the scenes, that’s why there’s WebGuy2.0!).

Just a fair warning for some reason we hired 4 people whose names start with K, just to make life around the office more interesting this summer!

K1 is one of our year round WebGuy photographers and bloggers. You will be more familiar with her as your basic becomes a cadet and especially once they start upperclassmen programs as she’s always out and about catching them!

K2 is another one of our year round WebGuy photographers and bloggers as well. She’s on her 7th BCT summer capturing pictures for families. She came to us while still in high school and hasn’t left yet! Her summers have been spent out in Jacks perfecting that perfect picture for you all to have on the A Course.

K3 is on his second summer with us. He also started while still in high school. He’ll be out mostly with K1 at Upperclassmen but you might see his work this summer when it comes to BCT 2!

K4 is new to WebGuy, we’re excited to have him! He has great experience with photography and is eager and excited to learn along with you about the Air Force Academy and Basic Cadet Training. He has a great eye for portraits, so that one you print from this summer might just be his on your mantel!

C is new to WebGuy as well, but she’s second generation to WebGuy! Her mother use to help the original WebGuy take a few photos back in the day. We’re excited that she decided to come back home to Colorado Springs for the summer to help us out.

E, also new to WebGuy is not new to BCT. She is going from behind the warehouse doors, where she would spend summers assisting with Uniform Issue and the Tailor Shop to behind the camera to be able to capture those moments for you!

F, while she may not be one of our photographers anymore we have convinced her over the years that we just can’t live without her eye for editing. So after the rest of the team goes out and takes those hundreds of pictures, F is one of them that’s in the office narrowing it down to the perfect one for you to see!

G is another newbie to WebGuy but not to the Academy, she’s actually been on the other side of the camera. She was where your basics were a few years ago! Parents, this works for your benefit, because she remembers the pictures her parents were waiting for and she plans to work hard to get those for you!

I just started WebGuy this summer as well. We’re excited to have him on board, especially during Jacks Valley. He knows the Academy grounds through scouting and we’re excited to see how that portrays through his pictures for you!

J is a WebGuy veteran. We’re so happy to have him back. Look for him to blog this summer and give a parent’s perspective as he has children who aren’t too far removed from where your basics are now.

M is the little sister of F, so we’re keeping it in the family here. She has been a great addition to the team since she started this spring, she may be out during BCT but her focus is Upperclassmen this summer and we couldn’t be happier with the amazing Air Field pictures she’s been bringing back for us to share.

T is back for a second summer. He may be the quietest one in the group but his eye for photography is amazing and we’re so pleased to have him back. He’ll be all over the place so both parents of upperclassmen and BCT can enjoy his photography.

As you can see we have a great well rounded team who is super excited about this summer and ready for it to really get started pictures wise, as we’re sure you all are! They will be out there rain or shine, hot or cold, to capture moments for you. So you ever see someone out there in a WebGuy shirt or jacket give a smile or a wave they’ll love it and appreciate it.

Check back tomorrow for some more informative blogs. Not every weekend will be this slow with pictures we promise, so take this time to kick back and relax, picture hunting starts again Monday!