Wednesday Night

Hello Families,

The blog will be lite tonight, just like today's coverage.  For you Aggressors who are waiting for those photos from this afternoon, they will be up in the morning for your viewing pleasure.  Processing is taking a bit longer than planned.  You will also be happy to know the one of the things all the squadron's did today was take official squadron photos.  This is not an AOG or WebGuy photograph, but is done by the Academy as part of BCT.  I am pretty sure they will be available during Parents Weekend.  I will verify and let you know as we get further along.

Tomorrow's blog will talk about Field Day!  I can't believe it is here already.  We will have a full court press for coverage.  Here is the official word I just got from the Academy on base access. 

Field Day… 14 Jul 17 (6:30 – 11:00)  No parent access to cadets.  Northgate will open at the normal time for visitors (9am).  Earlier access will require a DoD ID.  

Ok!  Short but sweet.  Talk to you tomorrow!