Zoomie Delivery Service - Parent Membership Bonus

WebGuy had the pleasure of following our Zoomie Delivery Service staff on Wednesday and captured the smiling faces of those cadets’ receiving packages from home.


Zoomie Delivery Service allows the AOG to work directly with families of cadets to bring priority delivery to their cadets and alleviate postal backup challenges experienced by Cadet Area Post Office. This is especially beneficial during peak times of the academic year (beginning of semesters, major milestones such as Recognition, holidays, etc.). Packages and letters will be sent directly to the AOG at Doolittle Hall. Key AOG personnel will then facilitate delivery directly to the Cadet Wing.


Delivery Schedule:


1500 hrs (3:00 pm) to 1530 hrs (3:30 pm)

- Pick up by F100



 14:30 hrs (2:30 pm) to 1530 hrs (3:30 pm),

1430 hrs (2:30 pm) to 1530 hrs (3:30 pm),

1430 hrs (2:30 pm) to 1530 hrs (3:30 pm)

- Pick up bottom of Commandant’s Stairwell - This is situated at the bottom of the ramp diagonally opposite the Amazon boxes - Look for the AOG van.

- If a cadet is unable to collect their package, ask a roommate or another cadet to collect it on their behalf.


The Zoomie Delivery Service is a membership benefit to help support a cadet throughout their time at USAFA and Prep School. Make sure you complete a form for every package that you send so that we know to expect it.

To register and for more information click on this link If you have any questions, please email


To view photos, click HERE. Photos begin on page 39 of Cadet Life.