Cadets at Home Weekly Update

Here are this week’s photos of Cadets at Home photos and shares.

This is C2C Auburn Suttles who is in Squadron 7. Taking a study break on 5/14 while self-distancing.
Picture courtesy of parents, Sean and Tuesdae Suttles.


 Here is a picture of our C3C Alex Osborn placing flags at the cemetary on Armed Forces Day in Pittsburgh, PA.


 Photos of C2C (?C1C now?) Hunter Manter polishing his wrangler as well as sailing on SF Bay.  Note USAFA garden flag flying from mast  -- arrgh!

Additional fun was informing USAFA parents needing a chuckle about now should enjoy the zoomies at, aside from their logo that Army and Navy play for second, they have a new tee-shirt offering that just arrived in the mail; ONLINE ACADEMY.  Yes, we're certainly treasuring that our DS is home as an unexpected gift although, like some of you (?) questioning that they're actually cadets since bedroom, laundry and habits are the same as when they left... We just constantly giggle.  The long blue on-line continues!  Very much looking forward to seeing everyone at parents weekend.  Aim high.

-Lee Manter


  C4C Jake Smith golfing with his little brother.

 C3C Bradley Bitting, CS-15. USAFA Wrestler.

Calvin Swafford, CS10, Class of 2023. Working on a backyard project at home.


 C3C Michael Prater making use of a snowblower. No Equipment. No Excuses. Also C3C Michael Prater who is on the Tri Team, training with Army dad, LTC (R) Gary Prater.



Thank you to all who shared photos of your cadet.  Without you, we would not be able to create this blog.  As you probably already know, many cadets will be making there way back to USAFA in June.  This includes the new class of 2024, who’s In-processing Day is scheduled for June 25th. We are still working with Public Affairs to determine what events we will be able to cover.  As we begin this Memorial Day Weekend, please take the time to reflect on those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country’s freedoms.


We will continue to collect photos for our Cadets at Home blogs, so if you have any that you would like to share please send them to