Jacks Valley

It was a beautiful morning for the start of Jacks Valley.  Each of the 4 squadrons did a course today and they will rotate to each of the courses throughout the week. Below is a description each course.

Assault Course :The Assault Course teaches hand-to-hand combat skills and rifle fighting techniques while allowing basic cadets to practice these elements in controlled scenarios and pugil-stick competitions. The second-half of the course requires basic cadets to demonstrate these skills by completing the pugil-stick competition and negotiating a course of 18 obstacles/stations and demonstrating hand-to-hand and rifle fighting techniques in a controlled, but mentally and physically challenging environment. The course is designed to assess basic cadets' mental and physical stamina and confidence.


Confidence Course: The Confidence Course develops and assesses basic cadets' self-confidence and physical capabilities by guiding them, as individuals and teams, through a selected group of 15 obstacles which vary in height and difficulty. The course requires all basic cadets to demonstrate physical dexterity, teamwork, and cohesion to achieve successful outcomes.


Obstacle Course: The Obstacle Course will teach and require basic cadets to negotiate 17 physically-challenging obstacles. It is designed to assess their physical fitness, agility, confidence and increase awareness of personal capabilities. The first time through the Obstacle Course is the orientation run.  The second time through the Obstacle Course basic cadets are timed.


CATM (Combat Arms Training and Maintenance): The course trains basic cadets on the nomenclature, assembly/disassembly, and safe operation of the M-4 carbine rifle.  Basic cadets fire the Air Force Qualification Course (AFQC). If basic cadets earn an expert rating for the M-4 AFQC, they will be authorized the wear of the USAF small arms expert ribbon.


Each squadron is listed below and what course they did today

Note: The squadron that does CATM that day will have those photos and blog put up the following day.  This is due to the course running into the evening and we are not able to get the photos edited and upload with the other squadrons.

Aggressors: CATM-Note: Photos will be availabe tomorrow.

Barbarians: Obstacle Course

Cobras: Confidence Course

Demons: Assault Course

To view photos, go to Classes > 2024 > BCT 2 and select your squadron or click the link below and then select your squadron.

BCT 2- Jacks Valley