Class of 2020 Commissioning

Hello Families!

Squadron commissioning ceremonies for the Class of 2020 have now concluded.  The day was a bit surreal, but also very meaningful.  Every year is special, but we don't have to tell you that this year is one for the history books.  As I begin this blog, all of today's photos are being processed by both the Academy and here at the AOG.  It's a total team effort and we are honored to play a part.  Every effort is underway to make sure the photos are available to you as quickly as possible.  These blog photos below are available from the USAFA flickr account.



Once they are all up, you will be able to download from  the USAFA flickr Page.  As you look through the photos, please remember that every squadron planned their own ceremony, so the photos will differ from squadron to squadron. Similar to the different ceremonies, you will see different types of pictures. As stated it was a team effort and we made every effort to capture the best we could!

I also thought it might be fun to look back to Class of 2020 I-Day, June 30, 2016.  Below are the photos from the WebGuy blog that summer day. 


We saw things we hadn't seen before at a commissioning ceremony from commissioning by Selfie Stick to Comissioning as part of the Space Force, it truly was a day to remember and the WebTeam was so happy to be there to help cover it!

Tomorrow is the beginning of the next chapter in each graduate's Air Force life.  Even though this is not the way any of us planned it, the day will always be special, and none of us will every forget where we were. 

Here is the link to view the full graduation ceremony tomorrow on YouTube. BREAKING NEWS:  This is an updated link from the original posted in earlier news releases. 


Commissioning photos plus any taken today during Graduation are still only for download through the USAFA flickr page.  Congratulations to the Class of 2020.