Day 2!

Today has been a pretty simple day for your Basics overall, the biggest activity each squadron had was picking up their extra sets of ABU's which happened up on the Tzo. Between transit and picking up ABU's we caught most of them practicing their marching.

Tomorrow we will be posting our first BCT Summary Sunday blog, you will not see pictures posted on Sunday unless it is in the Summary Sunday Blog from highlights throughout the week - even if we are out getting coverage that day. Any pictures taken on Sunday will always be posted the following day.

Instead, this is our Summary Sunday day where we will give you a recap of the week and even share video highlights!

Tomorrow your Basics will all be going through placement tests getting ready for the Academic Year, we will not be getting coverage of this so enjoy your Sunday break from the computer. We will be back in full Swing on Monday with coverage of more BCT.

The pictures from today are currently being edited so check back later on today for all of our coverage!