I Day Information Blog

One day away! 


We hope you are all ready and excited for it! There will be a blog later today to explain expectations for the summer and how we'll do pictures for you all but we wanted to share some information. 


Tomorrow Doolittle Hall will be open to get your 2024 gear, but it will also be the drop off place for the first letter. You may have all receieved an email from the Colordo Parents Club  with an attachment that looks like this: 

You may have already written your letter. If you haven't, you will have the opportunity to do that as well tomorrow. 


When you come on base, you MUST HAVE A MASK! There are signs everywhere on base. The WebTeam has theirs, as well as the staff at Doolittle and all the staff working hard here at the Academy to keep your appointee safe. 

Remember when you do stop at Doolittle or Falcon Stadium after drop tomorrow to have that mask, but to also practicie social distancing. Here at USAFA that's 6ft apart, wear a mask and hand sanitize/wash your hands when you can. 


We're excited to meet all the families of 2024, either tomorrow or in the future!