Class of 2023 Genuine Stone Selection

Josten's ring company came to the Cadet Library last week to show what geniune stones are available for the Class of 2023 class ring.  Cadets were able to look at ring samples for which type of metal they would like as well as stone size and quality.  Cadets were able to reserve a stone their stone and have it available when they place their order.

Josten's representitives were very helpful in helping the cadets choose a stone and ring style that suited them. Josten's will be back in January for the cadets to place their orders and the cadets will have another opportunity to select their stones, type of metal, style, and size of ring at that time.





To view photos from the Gemstone Selection event, go to GALLERIES > Extracurricular > Cadet Life.  Set photo order OLDEST to NEWEST.  Select start page (54-99 ) or click on the link below.

***Photo order must be set OLDEST to NEWEST for the link to take you to the correct start page.

Josten's Gemstone Selection Event pgs. 54 (middle of page) -99    Ring stone selection