Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth, everyone! Today will be a very light photo day of the Basics. There will be a Rank & Change of Command this afternoon after lunch followed by a briefing which will span the rest of the afternoon. We will be there to cover the Change of Command, but photos will be light so we can minimize the our presence during it. Basics will have time tonight to relax, but don't expect any phone calls home today. All photos taken tonight will be processed bright and early tomorrow morning, so don't wait up late for those.


For now, take time to celebrate with your family and friends and remember those who have served in the Long Blue Line before your basics and those of other branches of our armed forces. We truly are blessed to be living where we do! Enjoy the BBQ you've been waiting to attend, your basic will have some fun this evening too so don't worry (no fireworks but still fun and food!), talk to your other family members and walk the dog this afternoon while it's a slow WebGuy time.


Webster Note: Seriously though, there are 180 people on the site right now. Get off the computer and go spend time with your family today. Unless, of course, you're showing your family how awesome WebGuy is. If that's the case, carry on.