CST Session 2 - Week 2

The WebTeam were fortunate to cover many amazing things this week for session 2! 

On ropes course, cadets continued ground training in the mornings and were able to get into the high course in the afternoon! Cadets worked together on the ground to help each other complete challenging obsticles and to make sure it is done safely. It is always amazing to see the teamwork that goes into these trainings and how they celebrate each other during the process! You may even catch a few daring jumps from the high ropes!

Over at the community pool, cadets were practicing water safety and proper water hoist techniques. This included properly connecting themselves to the hoist to be raised out of the water safely. Smiles can be seen on many cadets faces when they have successfully hoisted themselves out of the water! 

At Kettle Lake, cadets continued working on proper water safety techniques. Instructors used jet skis to reenact "rough water" which made working together a little more dificult. Cadets were all smiles when they completed their obsticles. 



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