Cadet Entertainment - Winter Wonderland

"Swing to Big Bad Voodoo Daddy performing LIVE as you glide across our "ICE" Rink! Bring out your CREATIVE side with Stuff a Plush, Hollywood Photos, Tote Bags, Scrubs, License Plates, Footsie Wootsies, Cake Decorating and much much more!"

This past Friday night was Winter Wonderland put together by the Cadet Entertainment group.

There was a ton of activities for all cadets to participate in starting out with the Cadets lining up to make stuffed animals. This seemed to be the highlight of their night, getting to choose and “stuff” their new animal friend just like Build-A-Bear. 


After that, the cadets got to choose their next activities for the night which included “ice” skating in Arnold Hall. They were able to do this by puzzling together plastic boards and basically making an indoor “ice rink”.


Another events going on were decorating cakes, tote bags, t-shirts, and much more. Towards the end of the night more cadets joined in on the dance floor for good old swing dancing as Big Bad VooDoo Daddy performed live. This event was a perfect way for cadets to relax and have a little fun before winter finals.

To view the rest of the pictures from the event go to; Galleries - Extracurricular - Cadet Life. Or click the link below.

Winter Wonderland