Sunday Summary #2

We hope you are having a relaxing Sunday off of searching through photographs. It is a very busy week ahead so the team over here was very thankful for this day to rest.

We touched on it earlier this week in the blogs, but we want to cover it again. Keep those letters coming! No matter if you get them back, those letters are helping your basic through this. On a side note, this is from experience, if you see a great picture of them on WebGuy, don’t print it and send it to them. Wait until Acceptance Day or Parents Weekend to show it. They should get the plain boring black and white hand written or typed out letters of encouragement! Those they get to keep, the others they won’t get back until after BCT.

And now the recap of the week. Everyone has been to the C Store at least once to get the supplies they were in need of. They’ll all be going back for one more trip before heading out to Jacks Valley. They all made a pit stop at the Tailor Shop. The Guts managed to squeeze in Uniform Issue before the weekend began. Everyone was at intramurals and did their ever so fun PFT!

You’ve seen great smiles during the 4th of July Food Truck bonanza and Laser Light show. How cool was that for them? In past years it was good old apple pie and ice cream and back to training! We know our coverage has been a bit slow, but remember the first two weeks are a lot of testing and other things that need to take place that we just don’t get to appear at. We caught the “fun” stuff.

That being said, as the coverage picks up starting tomorrow, When there are new pictures going up and blogs explaining what was covered, you’ll see it on our Facebook Page. Please, please do not page count! Do not compare squadrons on the coverage of the day or even the event. We are under the guidelines of the BCT staff.   One day we might be able to get one angle and the next they kindly ask us to shoot from a different one. We do what they tell us since they are the ones graciously allowing us to be there. We love what we do for you during the summer and we try our best every day to get a picture that is worthy of your photo albums or phone screensaver!

To recap here’s one our favorite pictures from each squadron this week:

Have a great rest of your Sunday evening. We’ll see you all tomorrow!