Video Update

Good Morning Familes!

The March back from Jacks Valley is well underway as I write this.  The good news is that our photographers are out there to catch it and those photos will be up later in the day.  There is some bad news however.  It turns out that the Big Bad Basic competition was delayed several hours yesterday because of rain.  I was not aware of this when I wrote the blog last night.  While it obviously still took place, and you now know the results, our video folks missed it completely.  There are many moving parts to BCT and we don't always get the word when there are schedule changes of this type.   The BCT staff is quite correctly focussed on the training and not on our coverage, so these things happen sometimes.  All I have is this very brief clip of the end of Basic Bowen's winning match taken by our photographer.  We are just as disappointed as you are, believe me.  Hopefully Cadet Media, or Public Affairs were able to get video.  If they did, we will make sure you get to see it. 


I'll be back later with some thoughts and info about Acceptance day.   Till then, enjoy your day!