2nd BCT Awards Ceremony

After Acceptance Day practice, all Basics transited to the Commandant's Luncheon. During todays lunch was the 2nd BCT Awards Ceremony where members of the head table awarded Outstanding Basic Cadets, Cadres, and Squadron! Below is the list and pictures of the winners. 

Outstanding Basic Cadets:

Aggressors- Basic Hinz

Barbarians- Basic Coxen

Cobras- Basic Rossillon

Demons- Basic Klein

Executioners- Basic Palmer

Flying Tigers- Basic Matthews

Guts- Basic Henry 

Hellcats- Basic George

Outstanding Element Leader:

Cadet Dunn

Outstanding Flight Commander:

Cadet Crook

Outstanding Squadron Staff:

Cadet Sparling

Outstanding Operations Support:

Cadet Prince

Outstanding Group Staff:

Cadet Baron

Outstanding Course Staff:

Cadet Allen

Outstanding Squadron Commander:

Cadet Meyer

BCT Outstanding Squadron: