Who is the WebTeam and the WebGuy program?

It has been 20 years of WebGuy. Can you believe it? Over the years the team has consisted of graduates, parents, and friends of the Academy, all helping to capture and explain the BCT process and more of USAFA for families. We started out as a simple blog with a few pictures and have grown to many more pictures! This year we posted over 17,000 on I Day! We know it is a lot to go through as we have seen them all and more ourselves (shout out to our formidable editors!).

This year we have a team of old and new members whose goal is to capture a snapshot of the Academy at this place in time. As we do that, we hope to get you many amazing pictures of your Basic Cadet or Cadet for those upperclassmen parents reading this. The team has loved getting letters and treats from families all over the world. Kind words go a long way especially during long, scorching summer days. Currently, we are hoping this heat wave shifts away from us soon!

The team is out covering for upperclassmen this summer: FERL, CST, all Airfield programs, and Azimuth. Now that BCT has started they are out covering multiple events with there. Later this summer we add Prep School BMT to the mix. That being said, we look forward to capturing memories for you to share with your cadets and we ask for patience as we edit and process thousands of pictures. 

WebGuy will cover every BCT squadron during the summer, but we will not necessarily cover every squadron every day.  We try to get every flight within a squadron the best we can. The training schedule for each squadron varies as well as what we are permitted to cover. There are certain days where we might not get a squadron based on their schedule. For example, there will be coverage today, and we will not have BCT coverage again until Monday. Take this time of a break from scanning through pictures and write your basic! We'll be back with coverage on Monday, BCT 1 is slow, wait til BCT 2 as they head out to Jacks Valley!

Please remember that we can never promise to get your basic or cadet, but rather show you what they are experiencing while they are here. In the process we hope we capture your loved one many times over their four years. We ask that you always read the blog first after you see posts on social media about new pictures. These blogs contain information to give context to what you see and direct you where you need to go. Did you know, there are many other wonderful benefits to your Family Plan membership we hope you explore too? Remember to check those out here! We hear ZoomieDelivery is a lifesaver during the school year, not to mention the impressive delivery person! 

Thank you for trusting us to be your eyes and creating a window to the Academy for you to view from your home. 

-The WebTeam