Spring AFT Day 3 Squadrons 31-40

This Spring the AFT will be spread out over 4 days (2 weeks) with one Group (10 Squadrons) going each day. The order will not be numeric so check back to see which squadrons went and which squadrons will be going the next day. 

Group 4 (Squadrons 31-40) took the Spring AFT at the near the athletic fields yesterday evening.   Each run was a mix of squadrons so we are unable to separate by individual squadrons.  Due to a thunderstorm rolling in half way through  the AFT, only half of the cadets finished the 1.5 mile run.  The two groups of cadets that did not run yesterday will be completing their AFT on Wednesday, April 7th.  So if you do not see your cadet in this group of photos, please check back for Wednesday's photos.


The AFT (Aerobic Fitness Test) was outside on the road north of the Cadet Gymnasium. The test is a 1.5-mile run, which for this course was twice up and back. 

The AFT is scored as follows:









1.5-Mile Run







Up next, Group 1 (squadrons 1-10) will run Wednesday afternoon. Also the rest of Tuesday's group (squadrons 31-40) will run since they were previously cancelled for weather.

To view Tuesday's (4/6/21) photos, go to GALLERIES > MILITARY TRAINING > PFT/AFT, When sorting OLDEST to NEWEST, pages will be 1346-1351  or click the link below.

Squadrons 31-40 AFT 4-6-2021