Good morning PT!

This morning most squadrons were back down on the athletic fields rotating through the PT courses, Aggressors had another event scheduled and were't able to attend this session.

Barbarians were at the Indoor Track in the Field House.

   Cobras and Demons were at the Outdoor Basketball Courts.


Executioners and Flying Tigers were at the Upper Athletic Field.


Guts and Hellcats were at the Lower Athletic Field.


Listed Below is where you can find each Squadron(s).

For Barbarians Go to Classes > 2024 > BCT 1 and click on Barbarians.  Select your sort Newest to Oldest so you are on the page that you want to start.

For the other squadrons, go to Classes > 2024 > BCT 1 and select All.  Please make sure you select your sort Oldest to Newest so you are on the page that you want to start. Or click one of the links below.

Cobras and Demons: Pg. 271-282 - BCT 1 pg. 271

Executioners and Flying Tigers: Pg 321-333  (Starts on the second row from top) - BCT 1 pg. 321

Guts and Hellcats: Pg. 294-321 - BCT 1 pg. 294