Soaring AM-251 Summer Session

The 94th Flying Training Squadron conducts more than 20,000 training and competition glider sorties (flights) each year with the focus being on developing officers, leadership and character.  There are also Instructors getting flights to keep current or doing upgrades.  Most instructors are cadets, but there are also Active duty or Reserve that instruct as well.


  Students are seated in the front of the glider with the instructor directly behind them.  Student and Instructor both have a full set of controls which allows for hands on learning and instruction.


Once the glider is positioned on the runway, the rope from the tow plane is connected to the glider. The rope is inspected by the student and IP and hand signals are used to let the student and IP know that the plane is hooked up properly and ready for takeoff.


The Soaring AM-251 program is an intense and long 3 week program during the summer.  But it is well worth it to earn the soaring wings after a completed solo flight.  WebGuy enjoyed capturing some of the cadets during this summer session completing flights towards their goal of soloing the aircraft.

To view photos, go to GALLERIES > AIRMANSHIP > SOARING.  Set photo order OLDEST to NEWEST. Select your start page (23-44) or click on the link below.

Soaring Summer Session 2