Cadet Entertainment Event - B.O.B

With the last Cadet Entertainment Event of the year, it was a surprise as far as what the event would entail.

April 21st finally came and the surprise was revealed. B.O.B, the Hip-Hop artist was performing for the Cadets!

Not only did the Cadets get a free concert in the Arnold Hall Theater they also got a ton of free food, including cups of mini donuts and dessert treats!

What a way to end the year's Cadet Entertainment Event line-up. We can't wait to see what they have in store for the Cadets next year!

To view the rest of our glimpse into their fun concert evening with B.O.B go to; Galleries - Extracurricular - Cadet Life. Or click the link below.

Cadet Entertainment Event - B.O.B Concert!